Tailor Duo Professional Shears


Tailor DUO. The best of both worlds, high-end Japanese steels with the comfort of Tailor’s patented handle. Octagon rings for a natural secure fit. Premium texturing blades for the best blends and bulk removal.

(8 customer reviews)
  • Sizes 5”-7”

  • Convex stainless steel edge blades glides through any hair.

  • 30 teeth thinner cutting ratio 25-30%

  •  Shear Case (included in box).

  1. R. Donaldson- Shear Excellence Academy (verified owner)

    We made the transition to ValbrunPRO shear from the ones we were getting in the student kits from Burmax. The students love them and the price works with our school’s budget.

  2. Monica (verified owner)

    Thank You! I just got them yesterday as that was my first day at work for the week. I accidentally left my other shears at home so I used the new set all day. I love them! I have 3 other pairs of Hattori Hanzo shears and Tailor give those a run for their money! I’m so glad I decided to do the set of shears and thinners! Thank you so much Jemale!

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    Good service.

  4. Patricia H. (verified owner)

    I purchased the set for my granddaughter who is starting beauty school after being recommended by my hairdresser on the shears she uses. My granddaughter totally fell in love with them.

  5. Teresa (verified owner)

    I met Jemale at CosmoProf 2021 at his booth for ValbrunPRO. It was nice to know he was a hair professional as well it made talking to him much more easier. He was relatable and understood how to explain the shears based on how we use them as professionals. Superior quality and hands down the best shears I’ve used since I started hairdressing.

  6. Jacquline N. (verified owner)

    So happy I made this purchase. Love to support a fellow hair professional not to mention the set is remarkable. Love them! Only shears I’m using from now on.

  7. Jessica Hair Studio (verified owner)

    Jemale provided the best experience and the shears are totally worth the price

  8. Tyler (verified owner)

    Great service. Jemale answered all my questions prior to buying was very professional and knowledgeable. Easy to tell he’s also a Hair Pro based on the feedback he was giving. Thanks a lot! Will be purchasing again!

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