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ValbrunPRO Tailor. Innovative patented surgical shears handle design, featuring octagon rings instead of traditional rounded rings, represents a groundbreaking advancement in surgical instruments.


From Forceps, Mayos, Metzenbaum, to Laparoscopic surgical scissors and everything in between. Tailor has been designed to fit your need.


When it comes to soft tissue surgeries, periodontal surgeries, and oral surgeries to cut and trim gingival tissues, sutures, and other soft tissues. Tailor provides a superior handle than traditional models, elevating oral healthcare procedures.


Tailor’s unique handle design has the most secure grip in the industry for cutting, removal of sutures and dissection of tissues in veterinary surgeries.

Valbrun pro tailor

The new standard for surgical scissor instruments, for surgeons, EMTs, and first responders both medical military and civilian.

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(Feel the difference)

Best grip

*Using thumb and ring fingers provides optimum grip.
*TAILOR’D comfort
*Relaxed feel, reduced slipping

Uncomfortable grip

*Using middle finger will reduce security and cause discomfort.

Incorrect way to hold your hair shear

No grip

*No grip at all using index finger.
*Will cause slippage
*Fatigued hands leading to injury

Here lies the problem

Human error or improper use can result in personnel injury. (According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission). Almost 60% of the injuries are lacerations to fingers.

Cramped hands from uncomfortable traditional grip handles.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive finger movements, such as when opening and closing scissors(MDPI.com)

Unreasonably Dangerous

TAILOR Solutions

Take a peek inside our wonder-world of 3D concepts


Supreme handling. Comfort not compromised.

Why us?

We help you design
the surgical shears your medical professionals desire.

As a licensee you fulfill their need!

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