Barber Professional Shear

Tailor:World Class Professional Shears

Key details

World Class Professional Shears
For Luxurious Hairstyles
Trendsetting and
Raising the Bar.

Comfortable, professional and hygienic

Enjoy a personalized experience at our state-of-the-art hair salon shears that elevate your premium hair services.

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For Wet/Dry Hair


Shear-over-comb and Basic Shear Techniques 

Blades cuts through any Hair condition.

  •  Convex Stainless Steel edge.

Diamond Cut Blade

Made From Premium 

Japanese Hitachi Steel

For High-End Luxurious
 Haircuts and Styles.
Patented Tailor Handle
For Comfort and Superior Handling. 

30 teeth blade

For Texturizing

For Blending

Octagon rings for natural fit

 25-30% cutting ratio

Rockwell/Hardness: 56

Give your clients Bespoke hairstyling and cutting services using our professional barber shears


Don’t Just Give Hairstyles and Haircuts Tailor them!

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