Benefits of Tailor

Our Passion for Education. Fueled By Our Desire to Innovate.

Tailor, designed after long struggles with traditional shears and an influx of rebranded rounded, oval, or swivel shears in the market. Neither meets the need for comfort, stability, and sustained sharpness. 

The octagon ring design behind our patented shear Tailor tackles these very issues.

 WHY OCTAGON? Simple, ANATOMY. The eight sides provide a fitted grip around the fingers, whose anatomy is not round or oval due to our bone structure. Thus, reducing slippage and providing ultimate stability, hold, and comfort.



ValbrunPRO’s patented design. Octagon rings for a fitted grip, stability, and to reduced slippage.


An aerodynamic cutting blade for leverage allows gravity to have a natural pull to alleviate tension from the thumb while cutting.


The ergonomic silhouette of the top shaft offers a natural comfortable and a relaxed feel.


More comfort with less hassle

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